When will things be in stock?

It's annoying that we always seem to be 'out of stock' for you and for me, but it seems however hard I try, I can never keep up with demand!
 I spend hours and hours (over 60 a week sometimes!) making beautifully crafted things I am proud to send out and sell to you all, but with only two hands, and a new baby I make as much as I can. 
I try and restock a variety of my designs as often as I can for you so that we have a great selection of my own designs, crafted from my own patterns and conceived in my own imagination.
The best way to see what is in the making and then released into the webshop is to follow us on Instagram and Facebook (links at bottom of page). 

I've also had a number of copycats recently and I find it really disappointing. The quality and beauty of my designs is assured by me, but I cannot vouch for cheaper copies and sellers with no integrity. Please be on your guard as many of them are replicating my designs and using similar product styling and photography. 

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