Lightbulb Garland (Glow in the dark)

Velveteen Babies

Five glow in the dark lightbulb shapes strung on black cord.
Each 'bulb' is made from white high grade EN71 certified wool mix felt and is 10.5 cm high.
Each bulb is sponge painted with a UV glow in the dark paint, which has a greeny hue in daylight and then glows green by night (strongest if close to a light source)- please see photos.
The 'filament' to each bulb is first hand drawn then embroidered over, and the tops of the bulbs are of a subtle black fine glittering material.
Each bulb is then hand sewn round and lightly filled.
A metal ring is secured to the reverse of the end bulbs on the garland to aid easy display.
Approximate length is 78cm
PLEASE DO NOT order if you are expecting bright white bulbs- to make them glow we have to use a special luminescent paint which is coloured. Returns will not be accepted, so please make sure you are happy with the effect seen in the photos prior to ordering!

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