The Tiger Garland

Velveteen Babies


I’ve been asked so many times to create a Leopard and Tiger garland by my Sons, that I knew it was time to launch one!

Three characterful Tigers which are individually hand painted, embroidered and appliquéd all by hand. I use a quality wool mix felt in all my work which is EN71 safety certified. They are as standard in a mustard colour but I can happily make them in any colour to suit you. 

The eyes and nose are embroidered with thread, and the face and body I handpaint with non toxic fabric paint. Each one is filled with a safety certified toy stuffing. 

These guys are a labour of love and I spent a lot of time (many hours) preparing them, embroidering them and sewing them. 

Each one is truly unique and made with attention to detail and lots of heart and soul. 

Each leopard is 10cm long and 8cm at tallest point, strung approximately 13cm apart. The garland including line is around 60cm long but you can trim each end of the line if desired. There is a metal ring sewn onto the reverse of each end leopard so you can hang from a drawing pin or nail if desired. 

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