Washi Tape- Silver with Star Motif

Velveteen Babies

silver star washi tape at Velveteen Babies

One roll of silver washi tape with a star design.

I use washi tapes to easily secure my garland designs to the wall at home, and when used gently and carefully they are incredibly useful. I cannot guarantee that this tape will not cause damage to paint or wallpaper when used, so I do advise that it is to be used at your own risk. Some wall surfaces may not be compatible, and cold/old or damp walls may not work well with the hold on the tape.

It also works brilliantly for wrapping presents.

I sew a ring onto the back of each end item on my garlands, so you can alternatively slide a drawing pin through to secure to walls (may also cause damage/makes a small hole). 

Washi tape is a transparent decorative masking tape. Super versatile, it’s easy to tear and repositionable.... you can even write on it! It adheres to pretty much anything and can be used for so many different projects.

Length: 10m

Width: 15mm

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