White Moon, Cloud and Star Mobile

Velveteen Babies

This item is created to order, so when you see this listing live, pop your order through and I'll take up to a fortnight to create it for you. X
This mobile style is comprised of a hand cut, hand sewn silver glitter crescent moon.
Glittering gold stars (x4) hang from the mobile frame which are double sided and lightly stuffed, sewn by hand.
There are four white sleepy style clouds (a Velveteen Babies signature) and they are adorned with silver and gold mini star sequins to the front and back. 
A ribbon loop is attached from the top of the wood frame (hand sprayed white) for you to attach to a hook, mobile arm or ceiling. 
* Please note before purchasing that we do not include a mobile 'arm' for attaching to a cot or similar. 
You will have to source these yourself but they are available from Amazon or Etsy. I am happy to advise you on where to source one.*
These mobiles are completely handmade with love and care. 

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