Ready to ship items should be making an appearance around the 10th December for UK postage. A full opening of the whole website will be on December 27th. X

welcome to the magical world of velveteen babies

home of beautifully handmade kidsroom decoration


Due to an unbelievable and record breaking amount of orders, I am afraid that all my order spaces are now full .

I will have the whole website back open on 27th December with mobiles back and a shorter turnaround time from then.

At the moment, order turnaround is 4-5 weeks if you are waiting and I want to thank you all for your patience as I make every order by hand and it's very time consuming work and I want each order to be perfect.

I will add a selection of ready made garlands and decorations which will have immediate shipment from approximately December 10th onwards.

Thank you millions for all your support.

Coral x