Putting your new garland up on display takes seconds and can be moved about as often as you'd like with no mess when you use washi tape. Just make sure it’s fixed securely away from grabbing reach of babies and young children!
To stop any twisting to your garland and to get your drops/garland items hanging best, take one end and hold it up. Allow the garland to naturally spin round until it stops. Then pinch the other end and it should all hang neatly without twists, and once you're happy, cut a piece of washi tape for each end and secure to your space.

I sew a metal ring to the reverse of each end item so that you can secure it to your wall with command hooks/a drawing pin or small nails if required- especially important to secure it well in areas where children are. 

The droplets are secured and sewn onto line so that they don’t move and can’t be pulled off, but be careful with clouds and their hanging drops and keep them away from little hands! 

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