Softly Springtime Droplet garland. Made to order within 4 weeks

Velveteen Babies

Beautiful gold and silver highlight with coloured mixed drop garland. 
Blush, Salmon peach, gold, ice cream cone, light pale beige, grey-blue, silver, mint and green-blue shades. 
Comprises of hand cut drops, made from glittering sparkle fabric mixed with high quality soft wool mix felt drops. 

I individually sew each drop by hand and stuff with a safety standard synthetic filling. Each garland is crafted my myself, with love and care.
It's a versatile garland that can easily be moved around the home and kids room, perfect under a shelf, or anywhere you fancy.
To the end drop on reverse is a little metal ring on each end, to aid display securely and simply use a washi tape to stick each end to your wall. 
This item is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children. 
Please be aware that this is made to order so please do allow four weeks for it to be created for you beautifully by hand with care and a sprinkle of magic

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